Kurja-Polt-Logo-Final-BW-circle-black-new-700Goose Flesh Society in cooperation with Kinodvor cinema and Slovenian cinematheque represents Goose Flesh, a weekend-festival of horror cinema’s cults, classics & genre-bending renegades, a celebration dedicated to proper screening, viewing and reflection on the significance and definitions of cinematic horror.

Although genre mavericks have often marched at the forefront of social and cinematic, aesthetic and ideological taboo breaking, pushing the limits of what is permissible and broadening the horizons of acceptable thematic and formal expressions on film; although the horror genre demands substantial narrative talent, acute sensitivity and technical savvy, while production conditions are often harsh, horror cinema was and remains far too frequently exempt from the “generally accepted” cinematic canons, pushed to the fringes of serious film writing and reflection. And despite experiencing a genuine renaissance in the new millennium, genre titles remain a rarity in our regular domestic theatrical distribution. Goose Flesh festival thus joins the existing bright lights illuminating the darkness, the initiatives of Grossmann Fantastic Film Festival in Ljutomer and Kinodvor’s annual Halloween Horror Marathon, and invites both hardened horror aficionados and serious cinema buffs to shed the belief that they’ve seen enough. In the wish to overturn the prevalent preconceptions which relegate horror genre to obscurity as ‘acquired taste’ of ‘niche audiences’, the first festival edition will serve up films and filmmakers which the former surely will not, while the latter simply cannot pass up. Our goal is not to defend, but to rehabilitate genre film, to secure its legitimate position of worth within the art of cinema and a regular slot in our movie theatres.