Jonas Govaerts, Belgium, 2022, DCP, 88′, English subtitles

Screening followed by Q&A with director Jonas Govaerts.


With the support of the Government of Flanders.


Noah really loves his girlfriend, his daughter and his car, but after accepting a seemingly simple driving job, he finds himself in a race that could result in him losing either his beloved car, his family or his life. Shot almost entirely from the inside of the car, this fast pace film banging with 90s trance and euro house is an over-the-top celebration of the lawlessness only genre cinema can afford. Be it wild chases, animal attacks, grenades, or straight on tripping, the viewer becomes the passenger in the backseat on this crazy ride through Antwerp.

“Screenwriter Trent Haaga (Cheap Thrills, Deadgirl) teams up with director Jonas Govaerts (Cub) to put the pedal to the metal in their gonzo action thriller H4Z4RD. A simple day in the life of a driver and his beloved car quickly spirals out of control, taking viewers on an entertaining and violent thrill ride through the streets of Antwerp. H4Z4RD massively delivers on high-octane thrills, laughs, and more than a few shocking moments.”
– Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting

H4Z4RD is full of hilariously memorable surprises and will have audiences talking long after the credits roll. Anchored by the chemistry between straight man Noah (Dimitri Thivaios) and scene stealer Carlos (Jeroen Perceval), it’s a perfect midnight buddy movie with a distinctly European flair.”
– Lori Donnelly, Fantastic Fest Austin