20. 4. / 17:30 / Slovenska kinoteka

The Kino Ekran format of film screenings and talks, organized by Ekran film magazine in collaboration with Slovenska kinoteka, aims at expanding the notion of film criticism from mere writing to a live engagement and contemplation of cinema. And thought is liveliest when it engages in dialogue – with readers, spectators, films and the physical space of cinema.

For its April edition of Kino Ekran the magazine joins forces with Kurja Polt festival for a special screening of the stylized, saturated and sun-scorched film noir (or better yet, film soleil) A Dragon Arrives! by Iranian director Mani Haghighi and the inventive sci-fi mocumentary short Manivelle – Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow by Lebanese comics artist and filmmaker Fadi Baki. After the screenings we will talk about the films, about Middle Eastern cinema and genre film’s place within it. Guests: Bernadette Klausberger and Niklas Hlawatsch (producers of Manivelle) and Adham Youssef (Egyptian journalist and film critic based in Berlin). The talk will be moderated by film critic Anja Banko.

The event also marks the final and genre-inspired gathering of Ekran magazine’s film criticism club Till the Last Word.