Ernar Nurgaliev, Kazakhstan, 2021, DCP, 84′, English subtitles


Dastan loves his highly pregnant wife Zhanna dearly, but he needs a break from her mood swings and nagging. Just for one day, which he will spend blissfully fishing and drinking beer with his best buddies. As if they don’t know that men on fishing trips are always besieged by all sorts of psychopaths. Don’t they ever watch movies? A joyfully bonkers buddy horror comedy propelled by a groovy pop soundtrack, sinks its teeth into the stereotypes of manhood. The Hangover meets Deliverance the Kazakh way!

“If you’re a fan of Three Stooges-style silent slapstick but wish it came with a lot more gore, then, Sweetie, you won’t believe what a treat you are in for with the latest from Kazakhstani director Ernar Nurgaliev, which mixes physical comedy with a spring break vibe and throws in a handful of western and gangster elements for good measure. The result, while not always entirely successful, is most certainly never boring. And if Nurgaliev’s portrayal of Zhanna is one note, he wastes no opportunity to poke fun at all the men’s ideas of masculinity, perhaps encapsulated by Murat in the phrase: ‘Man up!… Run for it!’ Don’t be fooled by its initially scattergun feel, Nurgaliev gets a surprising amount on target.”
– Amber Wilkinson, Eye For Film