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H4Z4RD Jonas Govaerts, Belgium, 2022, DCP, 88', English subtitles Screening followed by Q&A with director Jonas Govaerts. With the support of the Government of Flanders. Noah really loves his girlfriend, his daughter and his car, but after accepting a seemingly simple driving job, he finds himself in a race that could result [...]


EXECUTIVE KOALA KOARA KACHÔ Minoru Kawasaki, Japan, 2005, Digital Betacam, 85', English subtitles Tamura is an average Japanese salaryman working in a pickle distribution company. He is well liked, hard-working, polite, wears a suit and tie, and also happens to be a six-foot tall koala bear. But when his girlfriend Yoko turns up [...]


MARKETA LAZAROVÁ František Vláčil, Czech Republic, 1967, DCP, 160', English subtitles Film courtesy of Národní filmový archiv (NFA). A grimly poetic depiction of a feud between two rival medieval clans and with that, of a brutal transformation of a naive girl into a passionate, defiant heroine. Marketa Lazarová is an epic portrayal of [...]


CULLODEN Peter Watkins, UK, 1964, DCP, 72' The year is 1746, and the last pitched battle on British soil is fought on the moor at Culloden between government troops and Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebellious Jacobite army, largely comprised of Scottish clansmen. The year is 1746, and a camera crew is there on the [...]


THE HOLE LE TROU Jacques Becker, France, 1960, DCP, 131', English subtitles Five resilient and resourceful men are engineering a daring prison break, digging a hole to freedom inside their Parisian prison cell. In his final film, Jacques Becker wanted to recreate the real-life escape from La Santé prison, carried out by the [...]


THE PARTY Blake Edwards, USA, 1968, DCP, 99' The Party © 1968 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. A bungling Indian actor (Peter Sellers) accidentally blows up the set of a Hollywood adventure epic. But instead of being fired, he is mistakenly invited to the big-shot producer’s exclusive party, where everything goes horribly [...]