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THUNDERCRACK! "ECSTASY SO GREAT THAT ALL HEAVEN AND HELL BECAME BUT ONE SHANGRI-LA!" On a dark and stormy night, a party of strangers seeks shelter at an old, dilapidated mansion belonging to Mrs. Gert Hammond (Marion Eaton). To pass the time they will share tragic tales and carnal pleasures. They will encounter Mrs. Hammond's [...]


LES YEUX SANS VISAGE After causing a car accident which left his daughter horribly disfigured, an obsessive surgeon with the help of his lover and accomplice (Alida Valli) desperately attempts to recreate her face by kidnapping attractive young women. Georges Franju’s poetically surreal and chillingly visceral psychological nightmare is a bona fide classic [...]


HÄXAN With Häxan Benjamin Christensen, starring in the role of the devil himself, created a highly inventive and pioneering combination of documentary and horror cinema. Structured as a series of hypnotic and hallucinatory vignettes, depicting grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns and a satanic Sabbath, the film proposes to chronicle the history of witchcraft and [...]