An innocent schoolgirl Inga travels from her home in the countryside to visit her older sister Greta who is living in Stockholm with her boyfriend Casten. Both shocked and aroused by the couple’s open sexuality and pot smoking, Inga is tormented by dreams of violent sexual fantasies. Then she meets Björn, fully experienced and an artist to boost, and embarks on her own erotic adventure.

Christina Lindberg’s sensational screen debut, an early Cannon Films production shot in Sweden in 1969, is an erotic coming of age tale about an innocent girl caught in the temptations of the big city. Pulsing with groovy pop tunes, Maid in Sweden is a genuine time capsule of Swedish sexploitation, sexual liberation and urban youth culture of the swinging sixties.


Sweden/USA, 1971, 35mm, 1.66, colour, 80′, in English

directed by Dan Wolman (as Floch Johnson)
written by Ronnie Friedland, George T. Norris
cinematography Hans Welin
editing George T. Norris
music Bob Nash
cast Christina Lindberg, Monica Ekman, Krister Ekman, Leif Näslund, Per-Axel Arosenius, Ittla Frodi
produced by Ami Artzi (Cannon Films)

Special guest Christina Lindberg will introduce the screening!