On what should have been just another night on the job, police officers Esquivel and Corazon receive an order that seems simple enough at first: fix an arrest mix-up by taking the Kuratong Baleleng, a notorious group of robbers, to Camp Crame where they will be let go. But mid-transport, the orders change and Esquivel and his fellow cops find themselves having to choose between carrying out orders and doing what’s right.

Four criminals, four cops and a van are the ingredients of Khavn’s tense, pitch-dark and claustrophobic crime thriller and road movie mixture, based on the Kuratong Baleleng Rubout Massacre of 1995, the biggest police conspiracy in Philippine history. 

Mondomanila is festering.
Death is slow and hard to come by.
Who knows the cure?
Surely, it’s not in this ride.
Everyone’s a henchman.
Villains & their humanity.
The weightless pressure and suffocating freedom felt by men throwing away their entire belief systems in the course of one ride.
How does one act with the full and appalling consciousness of the wrong one is doing, the wreckage one is creating?
– Khavn

12. 4. / 21:45 / KINODVOR

Philippines, 2018, DCP, 2.35, colour, 83′, English subtitles

directed by Khavn
written by Achinette Villamor, Homer Novicio, Norman Wilwayco, Khavn
cinematography Albert Banzon
editing Carlo Francisco Manatad
music Khavn
cast Rez Cortez, William Buenavente, Ron Capinding, Jess Mendoza, Sue Prado, Dido de la Paz
produced by Achinette Villamor, Khavn


Director Khavn De La Cruz in attendance!