BAMBOO DOGS On what should have been just another night on the job, police officers Esquivel and Corazon receive an order that seems simple enough at first: fix an arrest mix-up by taking the Kuratong Baleleng, a notorious group of robbers, to Camp Crame where they will be let go. But mid-transport, the orders [...]


HANAGATAMI Japan, the spring of 1941. Young Toshihiko returns from Amsterdam to the small and idyllic seaside town of Karatsu to visit his aunt and sick cousin Mina. He enrols in school and soon befriends a colourful entourage of the town's youth. But while they explore young love and the meaning of life, the [...]


HELLO, RAIN Through a potent but dangerous combination of juju and technology, three scientist witches Rain, Philo and Coco create magical wigs that grant them untold supernatural powers. But power corrupts and Rain, the leader, finds herself in a confrontation with her friends. She must stop them before they destroy the entire nation. Based [...]