Disappointed by his inability to get an erection, she disappears into the woods. Listlessly, he follows but finds Queen Kong instead. She has no intention of letting him go until she has had her way with him.

Monica Stambrini’s modern-day horrotica, the perfect companion to Borowczyk’s La Bête, takes a woman’s vantage point and turns the manimal into a she-beast. This is a match made in heaven and hell!

“When I saw Queen Kong the first time, I nearly fainted. So I had to see it over and over again.”
– Bernardo Bertolucci

“Disturbing as fuck.”
– James Franco

“When I started writing Queen Kong for Le Ragazze Del Porno project – a group of Italian female directors exploring the art of sexuality and pornography in film – I realized that the main character was a man, and that the main female character was an animal. The envy of the penis as fear of and disgust at the vagina is a fascinating subject. If making (and watching) movies is also a way of facing fears and controlling fantasies, then Queen Kong may prove to be a very liberating movie for some.”
– Monica Stambrini



Monica Stambrini, Italy, 2016, DCP, 1.85, colour, 19′, English subtitles

cast Valentina Nappi, Luca Lionello, Janina Rudenska

Introduction and Q&A with Monica Stambrini!